The human experience team.

At Element Human, we're proud of our team. We wouldn't be where we are without them, so we're thrilled to show them off to you here.

About us

Matt Celuszak


Matt works with clients and industry leaders to rethink how the human experience can be measured, modeled, and simulated to drive innovation for people and businesses.

My favourite human experience is... the eureka moment.

Rachel Morris

Director Of Operations

Rachael brings hard-earned experience of rapid growth to build stability around the teams, products, and services that enable us to measure, model and simulate the human experience.

My favourite human experience is... brunch. Or a good book. Or brunch and a good book.

Diego Caravana

Technology Director

Diego brings 25 years of development experience to map custom designs into working concepts that take advantage of the Element Human platform.

My favourite human experience is...building something innovative to push me out of my comfort zone.

Marlene Weber

Head of HX Design

Marlene holds a doctorate in human centred design. Practiced at Jaguar Land Rover, she works with clients to map human ai with people first products designed for their businesses.

My favourite human experience is... anything that involves cheese.

Evgeniya Mircheva

Software Developer

Evgeniya sits at the intersection of people, customer, technology and strategy to make human ai safe, scalable and easy to use.

My favourite human experience is... when the sun shines on the snow so bright that I’m forced to close my eyes.

Inigo Gomez

Human Experience Designer

Inigo uses his history in design innovation and journalism to make your workbench truly yours.

My favourite human experience is... going to music festivals, sharing that musical experience with a huge crowd of totally random people.

Sam Pegler

Senior Engineer

Sam spent years building and managing fast-growing platforms to make sure your valuable information and algorithms are in sustainable and stable products.

My favourite human experience is... I'm told Marlene's already mentioned cheese, so maybe ham. Yeah, ham.