Our Human Experience (HX) products.

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A range of activities to test every scenario.

Our HX products provide proven data and insights that use emotion and behaviour measures to inform business outcomes.


Test quickly and effectively.

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HX Insta - How influential is your creative?

Want to measure the impact and engagement of influencer posts on audiences? Check out HX Insta that shows you the stopping power of your creative.

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HX Creative - How engaging is your creative?

HX Creative shows you how engaging your creative is. Use our survey to understand what grabs people’s attention and what engages them.

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HX Campaign -  How effective is your creative?

HX Campaign shows you how effective the creative is for your brand. Use our survey to uncover what grabs people’s attention, what engages them and if it inspires action among your customers.

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HX Embed

Have your own survey tools? Use HX Embed to set up and add attention and emotion data to your Activities using a simple copy and paste javascript code or a redirect.

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