Measuring the Drivers of Human Behaviour.

Why do people do what they do?


Our proprietary HX Data model is built on 2.5 billion rich human experience data points across 89 countries with 40 businesses to understand how drivers of human behaviour inform performance.


Human behaviours start and stop within the context of the environment. When we measure the drivers of human behaviour, we first need to understand where they are.

In media, that means measuring the audience experience across television, digital video, Instagram, or out of home. In other industries, it means digital physical environments like cars, classrooms, and care centres.

Once a person enters an environment, their experience begins to engage with them. To measure these engagements, we use a number of traditional and proprietary tools like surveys, eye-tracking, and emotion recognition to understand attention, emotion, perception and intent to behave.

Human behaviours do not happen without memory. Memory is built upon engagement with experiences. To measure memory, we blend thought, recall and implicit memory tests to uncover a person’s current memory structure and how the experience shifted that to create a new one.

The last driver of human behaviour is the behaviour itself. People will behave in different ways even if they go through the same experiences. Here we measure the behaviour itself and the perception to understand the impact of the experience on an individual.


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