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Real world attention and emotion at the point of purchase.
Real world attention and emotion when interacting with a patient.
Real world engagement when interacting with an app.
Real world attention and emotion to optimise the audience experience.


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Understand people beyond the click.

Built by human data scientists, designed for everyone.

We provide the science, the tools, and the platform to quickly set up, measure and respond to human behaviours at scale, cost-effectively.

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We believe that the more we understand the subconscious and conscious drivers of human behaviour, the better our predictions, decisions, and interactions will be.

In short, we measure the ​Human Experience (HX).

We are a group of science, technology and design experts obsessed with enabling everyday devices to observe and measure how people live their lives. Our consent-based platform enables everyday devices to safely capture and respond to the ​emotional, memory and thought​ drivers of ​human​ ​behaviour​ as people interact with ​digital experiences​.
Through 7 years and 2.5 billion data points collected across 89 countries and 40 businesses, we developed a proprietary solution that monitors and understands how our digital experiences shape human behaviours.

Our HX Data model is:
Clients embed our HX data management platform into their experiences providing an instant measurement feedback loop and ongoing monitoring of the larger market to check quality, detect anomalies and uncover opportunities.
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These people are rebuilding on empathy.

Element Human’s ability to produce sophisticated methodologies that are scalable, embeddable, and flexible for our needs allows us to produce research tools and programmes fit for purpose.
Dr Hamish McPharlin
BBC Worldwide
Element Human helps us deliver AI solutions for non-AI people. Developing plug and play solutions that help us capture real time human response to brand experiences and communications is of huge benefit to us.
Richard Owen
Richard Owen
Chief Transformation Officer
Element Human’s ‘toolkit’ approach allows us to bring cutting edge measurement techniques together to create a bespoke, world-first approach to influencer measurement.
Ian Forrester
Ian Forrester
SVP, Research & Analytics
We worked with Element Human to come up with something unique. They gave us the confidence to trust the Design Sprint process and we were amazed at what we achieved in such a condensed time frame
Lisa Lewers
Lisa Lewers
Founder & CEO
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Measure once,
learn forever.

Unlock attention, emotion, memory, thought and behaviour.

Answer short term questions.  Build long term knowledge.

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Make it yours.

Your way of looking at the world is valuable.

We support that. That's why our platform takes on your branding, our algorithms train to your business, leaving you with your own, fine-tuned view of the world.

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