Humans beyond a click.

We are a group of science, technology and design experts obsessed with enabling everyday devices to observe and measure how people live their lives.

People first.

In a race to improve our lives with technology, we recognise its ability to change how we interact and ultimately behave.

We believe that the more we understand the subconscious and conscious drivers of human behaviour, the better our predictions, decisions, and interactions will be with our rapidly changing world.


We are on a mission to enable everyday devices to observe, monitor and feedback human interaction in a safe way that promotes the well being of the individual, monitors the health of the population, and furthers the evolution of humanity.

Our Leadership.

Matt Celuszak
Matt Celuszak
Founder & CEO

16 years building human measurement systems, Matt founded CrowdEmotion to unlock our understanding of humanity through technology.

Chris Wallis
Chris Wallis
Finance Director

Ex EY and KPMG, Chris brings 38 years working with management teams to structure businesses for rapid growth in a sustainable way.

David Cazalet
David Cazalet
Non-executive Director

David built and sold bleeding edge cyber security firm IRM to Altran and holds advisory and NED positions in cyber and technical businesses focusing on business development.

Omar Kamal
Omar Kamal

Experienced Chair and NED of US and UK listed businesses, Omar brings EY, YPO, and M&A experience to establish a foundation of governance, process, and diversified shareholder base.


Our History.


Built a global engagement metric using facial coding for the BBC so they could understand which shows to market to which region.

2014 - 2015 Element Human Timeline

Launched our API and built a number of bespoke solutions capturing people’s expressions.


Launched our ENGAGE platform, allowing clients to connect emotion and survey data together, and ‘attention’ via eye-tracking.

2016-2017 Element Human Timeline

Integrated implicit testing to quantify memory shift in relation to emotion impact, allowing our clients to quantify the engagement impact of their stories.


Moved to a SaaS-based business with our ENGAGE platform, providing a faster solution with reduced service costs, and sunset our consulting and research team.

2018-2019 Element Human Timeline

Launched an MVP for the world’s first Human Experience (HX).

Hired a Human Designer and Science Director in AI, and we audited 2.5B data points to create the Human Experience Equation.

2020 Element Human Timeline

Launched the world’s first Human Experience (HX) PaaS, the HX Workbench and retired our consultancy.

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